China’s Economic Growth Surges Ahead: What Does It Mean for the World?

China’s economy has been on a rampage in recent years, with impressive growth rates that far outpace those of other major economies. In 2021, China’s GDP grew by 8.1%, while the United States and the European Union grew by 6.4% and 4.2%, respectively. This rapid expansion has sparked concerns among… Read more »

Our Brains Don’t Understand Artificial Intelligence

Weoften refer to a ship as “she”, even trains and sometimes our cars. It’s not uncommon in the manufacturing industry for workers to name large pieces of equipment. Research into voice assistants like Alexa and Siri noted that some people will treat their engagement with a range of human engagements… Read more »

Beyond the Obvious: Why Knowing Your Startup’s True Competitors Is Vital

Sometimes our competitors are not who we think they are In the mid-80s, electronic typewriters dominated the USA’s typewriter market. These devices that look like dinosaurs now were first introduced in 1978. Gradually, they displaced their electric and mechanical counterparts, even more archaic machines, from the market. The competition was… Read more »

Grading 12 marketing predictions about the future

A the urging of my website advisor, I did some housekeeping here on the blog. It was time to sweep out some older blog posts that were either irrelevant or ignored by the world. But I came across a gem — An old list of marketing predictions! In 2009, I… Read more »

Afrobeats Economy: Nigeria Beyond Oil

Nigeria’s Tems is an American fave D’banj’s hit single ‘Oliver Twist’ became an instant sensation during the 2012 London Olympics, marking the high point of Afrobeats global outreach to that period. Today, over a decade later, Afrobeats has cemented its position as a leading contributor to global happiness. Whether in… Read more »